Create Hotmail Account, Hotmail Sign up

Although many people still use a Hotmail email address, but cannot Create Hotmail account. However, the account Microsoft Outlook provides the common experience and email services make Hotmail became the popular choice. This taught how to set up an email account in Microsoft Outlook. You can only Create Hotmail account on the Outlook site because this feature is not possible with the Outlook Mobile applications.

Steps to create Hotmail account as follows:

Steps 1: Open Microsoft Outlook website. Access in your web browser.

Steps 2: Click Create Account. Here is a link at the top right of the page.

Steps 3: Create your email address. Enter your preferred email name in the text field “new email” in the middle of the page.
You can choose domain name my email address (@ or @ or) by clicking on the downward arrow to the right of the “new email” and then click the domain name you want use the drop-down menu.

Steps 4: Type the password. Enter the password you want to use into the text field “Create password” under the “new email”.
* Make sure that your passwords include a combination of letters and numbers.

Steps 5: Uncheck the box “Email from Microsoft promotional”. If you do not wish to receive product offer from Microsoft, uncheck this box will opt email lists Microsoft Advertising.
* If you want to receive promotional emails, skip this step.

Steps 6: Click Next. This is a blue button below the text box “Create password”.

Steps 7: Enter your Name. Enter your name in the text field “Name”, then enter your last name in the text field “Name”.   Click Next. This is a blue button below the text field.

Steps 8: Select the country or region. Click the drop-down box to “country/region”, then click on your current location.
    * Outlook will automatically discover and fill out this information for you.

Steps 9: Enter your date of birth. In the “Date of Birth”, click the Month box and select your birth month, then repeat the boxes Date and Year. Click “Next”.

Steps 10: Enter confirmation code. You’ll see a list of letters and distorted in a box in the middle of the page; Import the contents of the box into the text field “Enter the characters you see.”

   *  You can click the New button to create a new code.
*  You can also click on the Audio button to read aloud to your code.

Steps 11: Click Next. The blue button is located at the bottom of the window. As long as you enter the correct verification code, clicking next will create your account and take you to the instructions of Outlook.

Congratulations, you have Create Hotmail account successfully. To Login Hotmail please follow instructions!

Hotmail Sign in, Hotmail Login, How to sign in Hotmail

You have a Hotmail account? You want to  Hotmail Sign in account, one of the major chores to do is how to open your browser to the Hotmail web site. You will find the details in this article. The way you Hotmail Sign in.

The steps to sign in Hotmail:

Steps 1: Open your browser. Enter in address bar and press Enter. Most browsers have their address bar at the top of the page. Hotmail addresses can be typed as

Due to the acquisition of new web address here, you will be prompted to enter the page. Hotmail information will work there, but everything is just different then.

Steps 2: Enter the appropriate login information to login. Include your user name and your password.

Steps 3: Click the “Login” to log in and open your Hotmail account.

Steps 4: Eventually you will come to your Hotmail Inbox where you can view all your messages or your account manager.

Congratulations on a successful login Hotmail account. There are many features you can learn about Hotmail. You can also see how to create Hotmail account here!

Change Hotmail Account Password

This teaches you how to change Hotmail account password on the password page of Microsoft, it’s password manager for all your Microsoft products.

Summary of the steps:

Steps 1. Go to
Steps 2. Enter your current password.
Steps 3. Enter and confirm your new password.
Steps 4. Click on Next.

Details the steps to change your Hotmail password:

Steps 1: Visit in a web browser. Or type “” into the address bar of your web browser and hit Return ⏎.

Steps 2: If you have not logged in, please enter your Hotmail address and password and click Next.
If asked to create a security code, please click the Submit code and enter the code sent to your email address or your phone number.

Steps 3: Enter your current password into the field at the top of the window.

Steps 4: Enter and confirm your new password.
If you want to be prompted to change your password regularly, select “Change my password 72 days.

Steps 5: Click Save. Password you use to log on to Hotmail has been changed.
You must use a different method for Hotmail password reset lost or forgotten.

You changed the password Hotmail success. To Create Hotmail account and Hotmail Sign in refer to the article here!